Empowering middle & high school students to remove their negative labels, overcome their struggles, and make an impact.

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I Am Not My Label Presentation

A kid that turned his insecurity to his gift. Here are the learning outcomes for his presentations for middle and high school students:

✓ The keys to removing your negative self-labels.

✓ How to drain out the toxic energy from your life.

✓ The power of positive self-dialogue.

✓ Coping mechanisms to deal with unfortunate and unexpected events.

✓ Action steps to stepping outside of our comfort zone.

✓ Best ways to transition back to in-person learning.

How to Build Resiliency and Create a Meaningful Life Online Video Series

How to Build Resiliency and Create a Meaningful Life is an exclusive online course that consists of multiple video modules and downloadable PDF files that will show you how to become more resilient – especially as a teenager. 

The powerful steps, techniques, and methods you’ll discover inside the course can help anyone (no matter how much they are struggling) to become a much stronger, resilient, and confident person. This course is super easy to understand and is loaded with ACTIONABLE ADVICE that you can apply right away to start seeing quick results. 

Within the course, you’ll learn the most effective ways to change your own energy, change your environment, and also modify your own daily habits and rituals in order to help build resilience, grow your confidence and boost your own happiness.

Never Fight Alone Available in Hardcover, Paperback, & eBook

Never Fight Alone is a book for teens that consists of 51 inspiring interviews with all sorts of people who have faced similar problems. From teen entrepreneurs to former professional athletes to inspirational authors and speakers, they describe the obstacles they faced, how they overcame them, and offer life-changing tips for how readers can do the same.


As a teenage kid, it may seem we are going through struggles alone. We may think it is not acceptable to ask for help which is why this podcast was created. This podcast is for all the teenage kids who are going through some struggle in life whether it is anxiety, depression, loneliness, confidence issues, or challenges at home. On this podcast you will find stories, interviews, & tips from those who have gone through similar struggles then overcame it. The Teenage Impact Podcast will inspire you to get over any hurdle in your life so you can unlock your potential in life.


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